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Operating foreign motors on domestic power

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  • Operating foreign motors on domestic power

    We are going to be buying a couple of used machines - they were made here (Missouri), but were built for export and are equipped with (I believe) 415 volt, 50hz, 3 phase motors. I'm thinking that if the motors are of an odd physical style (probably double shaft), could I set up a GS2 drive for 460v, 60hz in, 415v, 50hz out? Put the correct nameplate info into P0.00 through P0.04 to correspond with the motor nameplate?

    Seems like it should work very well...

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    I worked in ceramic tile manufacturing for 25 years (Maintenance and Plant Engineer) before starting this adventure in automation most of our equipment came from Europe. We ran motors from Italy and Germany name plated 380 volt 50 hz on 480 volt 60 hz without problems they ran faster then the name plate because of the 60 hz (1375 vs 1750) but we had no problems with life/torque/hp/heat. We also sell motors for export project that are labeled 50/60 hz on the name plate and one of our customers requires a 50 hz motor so we change the name plate before it leaves the shop. The motor manufacturer sends up the name plates to put on the motor no other changes required. (per the manufacturer) If the higher speed will not be a problem you don't need the drive if it does your approach will work fine.



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      Agree with jwbaker3, we run euro equipment here in ohio, most our motors have label plates for 400v 50hz, and run on 480v/60hz for years without any issue.


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        The only issue I see is the 415V 50 hz VS 440 60 HZ.. There is V/Hz ratio that most motors have.. and I'm Comfortable running a 380V 50Hz motor on 440/60.. BTDT.. but the 415/50 VS 440/60 is out of what I know as the norm.. if you are in the 480 range I do not see an issue..

        IF the Load is not up to Name Plate Load then I do not see problems either .. Keep in Mind what ever your driving will be faster, and Chip Loads might actually be less if it's a Router type of Machine..

        Either case the Freq Drive will do if you have concerns .. Other than the fact that the drives are bigger than contactors and must be mounted somewhere..

        I'd try it and check Motor temps.. if you are within Motor Temp Rise then go for it..



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          The motors ended up being no problem, they were nameplated 240/480 @ 50/60 hz - they were originally operated at 400 / 50 but with no changes they will do fine on 480 / 60. Thank you for your help!

          Even though the broker of the machines was in England, the machines actually came from The Netherlands. So these machines are nothing if not well traveled.