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Good source for inexpensive servos?

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  • Good source for inexpensive servos?

    I'm assisting a high school student with a robotics project. I'll be meeting him for the first time later this week. He is trying to build a robotic arm. He's trying to keep the project under $300. One of the challenges he is running into is finding a source for inexpensive servos. Does anyone have suggestions on where to find lighter duty servo motors that might be useful in this application?

    I'm familiar with both Lenze & Panasonic servos from work but I'm sure they are out of his price range.

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    $ 300 isn't a lot to work with for even one axis unless you go hunting for older used stuff. He's probably going to have to limit himself to a stepper based system. That's more realistic. Gearing is also a point to consider which can get very expensive.


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      EBay can be your friend. But $300 will be hard even with used EBay stuff You may be able to get someone in the area to donate some equipment. When I worked as the Plant Engineer for a manufacturing company we donated some of the used (removed for upgrade) and new old stock PLC's and automation equipment to the local Tech school. It was good for us (tax write off and better qualified future employees) and good for them. You may check with the distributor that supplies the product where you work, they may have a demo unit that you can get for free or little cost. Most companies want people to learn on the products they supply so when they enter the work force they will prefer that brand over some other because they have already worked with it.



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        Try for cheap drives, supplies, and motors. Thats where I got all my stuff


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