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P3K HSO Move Status 255?

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  • P3K HSO Move Status 255?

    I have 3 HSO modules driving 3 SureServo amps and motors in external position mode.

    When I give them SMOV or VMOV commands I get a 255 for the move status.
    Very peculiar?

    Sometimes I see a 64 (01000000) which tells me bit 7 has been set ("Stopped at Move Target") and all is well.

    Based on the documentation, 255 (11111111) would mean the drive is accelerating, at steady velocity, decelerating, stopped at move target and stopped at registration target, all at the same time (yes I realize this is impossible).

    Being relatively new to the PAC, I must be doing something wrong or missing something?

    Maybe I am not looking at the value as an unsigned 16 bit value?

    Any insight would be appreciated!
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    I tested here and could not reproduce your issue, and I have not heard any other similiar issue reported by another customer.

    I tested a SMOV, I get the below actions in the following order:
    1 - Accel
    2- Steady Velocity
    4 - Decel
    64 - Stopped at MOVE target

    I would suggest start a new project file, have only one rung with an SMOV, trigger the SMOV do you see the same actions?

    Does the motor move when you get 255 in Move Status?

    What software and firmware versions are you running on the CPU?

    What firmware is in the P3-HSO?

    What is the part number of the ziplink module & cable you are using?

    Have you assgined tags to the channel and module status in hardware configuration? If so, are there any reported errors in either of these tags?

    What is the status of the module ready bit for each of the modules?

    If none of that works, then contact our tech support personnel and send in your project file for our review.

    If running 1.7 version of software, go under help > Create system report, and email in that file to our tech support team.


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      Kind of figured it out?

      After much trial and error, I figured out what a move status of 255 (11111111) or 65535 (1111111111111111) means.

      For the most part, it signals an error.

      If my move instruction (SMOV or VMOV) exceed parameters in the hardware configuration of the HSO, a status of all ones is what I get back.

      For example, if I have Maximum Acceleration set to say 10,000 pulses pss and my move instruction calls for 10,001 pulses pss, I will see the all 1's status.

      Initially, I didn't realize that I was exceeding my hardware configuration parameters because I have them set to "on error use max accel/decel rate".
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        Hey kevgig,

        The issue is you are using an Integer 16 tag in the move status of your instruction. This tag needs to be a Integer 32 tag due to the status uses up to 32 bits. Please refer to the move status table at the bottom of help topic P161 (VMOV) & P162 (SMOV) for details.

        If you put in an Integer 32 tag, you will see bit 28 go high when you exceed your maximum velocity: Alert - Parameter Adjusted: Over User's Max Velocity
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