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Servo enable noise.

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  • Servo enable noise.

    I have a 2040 sureservo with 100w motor. When I output a servo enable Signal the motor makes alot of of noise almost like static. I can give pcs commands or jog commands but if a sudden movement or vibration on the shafts and the motor spins uncontrollably and speeds up making me pull power or break fault stop input. I am new to servo motors and drives.

    I have a very light unbalanced load on the motor and it seems the drive is trying to keep it stationary and in the process will go nuts cause the balance it off and over compensates torque. Just a guess. I lowered max velocity and it helped a lot but will just rotate back and forth never finding that sweet spot.
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    Have you tuned the servo?


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      Sounds like it's not tuned. High gain on the proportional and integral bands can cause hunting like you're seeing. Inertia matching is also important for servo systems. If you can calculate your load inertia, compare that to your motor inertia. The load should (at worst case generally) not exceed the motor inertia by more than 10 times. Ideally 5:1 or less for fairly good positioning.