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  • Encoder problems

    Trying to read an encoder signal from 2040 drive with 100w low inertia motor. I am using a micrologix 1100 plc using the high speed inputs. I notice the encoder sends a 0-5v signal and my on state for my inputs are 10-24v. I have I:0/0 as my OA and 0/1 as OB. I have mode 6 set on my hsc tab. Don't know if it's a wiring issue or my plc can't read that 5v signal?

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    IIRC, the ML1100 uses I:0/0 thru I:0/9 for the digital inputs, and I:0.1 (I:0/16) starts the high speed inputs word.
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      Inputs 0-3 are used for the hsc.


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        Inputs 0-3 need a minimum of 14 volts DC to turn on and 5VDC or less to turn off. You will need a level shifter of some sort if your encoder is 5 volts only.

        Possible options (depending on your encoder) might be CTRIO TTL Annex Board from Host Engineering see the bottom of the page.

        or FC-ISO-C from AD

        I've used both satisfactorially.

        The Host Eng product is tiny (TINY!), but a little harder to order, inexpensive, but mounting might be more difficult.

        The FC-ISO-C is more cryptic to figure out the settings, easy to order, more expensive and pretty large comparatively.


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          Thanks for the reply!
          Reading the description of the board, seems like this would connect directly to the inputs of my ml1100 controller without using the ctrio module? Thanks again.


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            The CTRIO is definitely not required as it is for AD PLCs, but it has a similar problem with 5V signal levels, hence the ANNEX board. So yes, it connects directly to the ML1100.


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              Thanks for your help Mike!