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SureServo SVA2100 repeat positioning problem

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  • SureServo SVA2100 repeat positioning problem

    We are using a SVA2100 with a SVM210B motor. Motor is coupled to a Stober 78:1 gearbox which drives a 4 position turret. The drive is programmed to move each quarter turn in two steps, first step is at 1000rpm/1800 count and second step is at 5000 rpm/4200 count. The two step movement works fine except we're getting creep. The stop position gradually changes-rotates further than wanted-not enough you can ever see it but after 140-150 cycles it will have moved position by 3/8". To clarify the movement ends up being short of the original position, its losing distance, not gaining.

    We had the same problem on the prototype machine which did not use the two step movement, just a single move at 2500. Didn't try to cure it as we went on to the next machine version.

    We're set up in incremental if that helps. Tried changing 1.33 to absolute but the drive then does the first move fine, restarts and stops at the 4200 count not the total of 6000 needed to complete the quarter turn.

    Anybody have any ideas? Drive is just pulsed to start from the DL06 relay output. Homing stops at the same position every time.
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    I fixed it. Gearbox ratio was 78.41/1. Math calculations were based on 78.4. That left 100 counts missing. added 25 to the first step and its running fine now.