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Wireless pressure sensor for VFD

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  • Wireless pressure sensor for VFD

    I have a pivot irrigation application. Want to install a VFD at well house, but feedback into VFD would be a pressure sensor installed out near the end of the pivot. The distance, if wired, would be 2,500 to 3,000 ft., so I'd rather go wireless. The far end of the pivot has an altitude change as it rotates and relatively constant pressure there would increase uniformity of water dispensed as well as save pumping costs when all that hp is not needed. Any ideas regarding a wireless pressure sensor? I'm an electrical engineer, so not afraid to pair a sensor with a radio link, etc. Need receiving end of link to be compatible with standard VFD input (if there is such a thing...?...)... Maybe a PLC to condition received signal...?... Might this be, at least partially, a question for the communications forum? Thank you!