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  • Synchronizing controller

    Has anyone out there used the Sure Servo's for position synchronization control, (sometimes called shiftless drivelines).
    The application is a production piece of equipment, the servos would all be running a given speed (products per hour) but would need to be synchronized to each other to control the timing between the different parts of the machine.
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    Generally a good way to do this is to have one servo as a master and use the encoder output of that to drive all the other servos (electronic gearing). You would probably need an encoder splitter depending on how may slave drives you have. Some try and daisy-chain the output of one drive to the next, etc.. but that can cause issues with drives down the line as any disturbance is acted on and multiplied by every drive in the chain.

    If you have the funds, you might want to look at a motion controller to act as a master and drive all the drives that way over pulse/direction or analog. I'm kind of surprised the drives don't have EtherCAT but they are what they are. If you use pulse/direction you can do your tuning in the drives. If you use analog, you generally have to tune in the controller should you choose to go that way.


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      Originally posted by Adisharr View Post
      ...I'm kind of surprised the drives don't have EtherCAT ...


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        PT mode 0 is quadrature input. That should synchronize the slave to the master. If you are going to run more than 1 slave then you will need an added driver to avoid overloading the output of the master drive. Used to run CNC plasma gantries that way before the CNC's got smarter. If the 2 drives are the same configuration - output gearing the same - it should work with nothing more than wiring between the 2. Will there be a problem if the multiple sections get moved during power downs? you would have to work out how to synchronize them in that case. Multiple High Speed Output cards might work if there are other synch issues.


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          Maybe like this?

          Those are Sureservos with BRX