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Breaking Resistor Functionality When Power is Cut to GS3 Drive

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  • Adisharr
    It's unlikely the braking circuit will function with power loss.

    Instead, use a safety relay with both immediate and time delays contacts. Wire your drive stop circuit through the immediate contact and wire your contactor coil to the time delay contact.

    When an E-stop is pressed, the stop circuit will drop out causing the drive to ramp down to stop (make sure your parameter P1.00 is set to '01'). A moment later, the time delay contact will drop out causing the contactor to open. This way you can still make use of your braking resistor.

    Note: Although there is input capability on the drive for both 'external fault' and 'external base block', they will both only coast the motor.

    P.S. Make sure you're using redundant contactors in series with auxiliary (NC) contact feedback to your safety relays reset circuit.

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  • Breaking Resistor Functionality When Power is Cut to GS3 Drive

    Been through the manual and haven't found a satisfactory answer.

    When running a GS3 through a contactor and power is cut (this is for an Estop not SOP) will the VFD let the motor coast to a stop or will it still use the breaking resistor?

    I'm inclined to think it will coast but my boss thinks it will still brake.