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Single channel encoder signal to quadrature signal?

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  • Single channel encoder signal to quadrature signal?

    Hi, I have a dc motor system that only gives non-directional single channel encoder feedback (pulses). I just bought a controller that says it takes a dual channel (quadrature) encoder input (channels A, B). I don't need the directional capabilities of the encoder, but is there a way I can use my dc motor system with this controller? Can I not just implement some circuit to create a 90 degree out of phase signal so that the controller thinks I'm giving it a quadrature signal?

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    You can use 2 of the Pt position control modes (P1-00) - mode 1 - Clockwise/Counter-Clockwise and use whichever input suits, or mode 2 - Pulse & Direction and force the Direction input high or low to select the rotation direction. you can then play with the electronic gear numerator (P1-44) and denominator (P1-45) to get the correct speed ratio. The unused input probably wants to be tied high or low to keep out random noise.