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Homing when using the Pt mode on a SureServo.

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  • Homing when using the Pt mode on a SureServo.

    I am using a SureServo SVA-2100 with a Productivity 2000 HSO. My application uses the motor and 10:1 gearbox as an indexer on a punch press cutting the laminations for electric motors. I want them as accurate as possible as any variation between laminations can cause the insulation to wear through and cause a short, and failure of the motor.

    The drive has several options for homing, but they do not work in every mode of operation. The one method that does work in every mode is to Enable Homing Function After Power Up. This requires that any time you wish to home the drive you must completely power the drive off and re-power it. When the drive receives the Drive Enable signal it will then home itself. This seems to work the first time the draive is powered up, but it does not always seem to work after an E-Stop - it seems that the drive has to completely discharge before it will home again.

    Using the Productivity 2000 HSO I can home the drive at will, but with a variation of as much as 20 counts as indicated by the Hish Speed Input module I have to monitor the position. that is plus or minus 10 counts out of 100,000 per revolution of the gearbox output shaft. THe homing speed wants to be as slow as is reasonable - to fast and the home position moves abround too much, to sloww and the homing process takes too long. This is the process I am currently using.