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    Hi, my boss just bought a sureservo 2100. We hace a allen bradley slc 500 plc, I want to know if I can connect the sureservo to the plc and control it or I must buy a directlogic plc?


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    One question, how do you want to control the SureServo, there are a number of ways it can be done:
    one can send comands via MODBUS over a serial link RS232 or RS422/485, many but perhaps not all PLCs can do that, it is certainly not a directlogic exclusive

    One can use a pulse train (quadrature or pulse/direction) any PLC with a "high speed output" should be able to do that. I'm sure the SLC 500 system has positioning modules

    If you just want to control speed or torque, one can can use analog speed or torque control, any PL with an analog output could do that. Again, the SLC 500 system must have analog modules

    And one can also program a number of profiles into the drive itself and select them with a few discrete outputs on the PLC, any PLC worthy of the name can do that, antualy even things not worthy of the name "PLC", such as a bank of pushbuttons, could do that.

    I've never used the SLC 500, but if it has the AB brand on it it just might be cheaper to get a whole Automation direct PCL system (I'd go for Do-More rather than Directlogic myself) than to buy one AB module, but I'm just guessing.


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      I think the best way is to use the SVC-PCCFG-CBL or the SVC-MDCOM-CBL to communicate with the PLC.
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