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Durapulse GS3 under voltage.

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  • Durapulse GS3 under voltage.

    Hi all,
    I have a Durapulse GS3 drive that gives the fault "Under Voltage" every time it's energized. Once the fault is reset, the drive works fine.
    I don't have experience with Durapulse, so maybe this is the normal behavior. Could anybody confirm?

    Thank you!

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    What is the line voltage going to the drive (read from a multimeter at the drive input terminals)?
    Are you using 1 phase or 3 phase?
    What is the HP of the drive and motor?
    How long are the circuit wires from the breaker panel to the drive (estimated)?
    How long are the wires from the drive to the motor (estimated)?
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      I will get back to you. Thanks


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        How long has it been de-energized when you get this fault? If you have a contactor powering the drive, and power is dropped out via an e-stop circuit, and you're powering it back up in a short period (3-4 seconds) after dropping power, you can get this error message.
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          It seems that the issue was the way the motor starters were wired: two starters being wired in series. They broke the daisy chain and gave each starter an independent power supply, and that fixed the problem.
          Thank you for the help!