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Modbus writing to sureservo

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  • Modbus writing to sureservo

    Canít get drive to respond to writing to the control word. I write the value into the register with mwx with no response from the drive. I can then read the register and the data is there the drive just will not respond to it. Any help would be great .

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    If you can put the registers and values being written to as well as the control mode, it would help in troubleshooting.
    A command trigger on one of the servos DI is usually activated to start a cycle on the servo.


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      Most probably you donít initialize the motion correctly. You do write to the drive though, which is good. Without knowing the details of what youíre trying to do and on what equipment, I believe that you need to setup the trajectory then start the motion, usually with a start command to the servo. At that moment, assuming the servo system is ready, it will start the motion. The drive should have an enable input to allow emergency stop. If you provide the specs of the drive, I could take a look in the manual and give you exact setup for say position following.