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GS3 with EDRV100 slow response and "slave fail" error

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  • GS3 with EDRV100 slow response and "slave fail" error

    I have a Productivity 3000 program running a few GS3 drives. One drive seems to work fine, while the other two are extremely slow to respond (both read and write).

    They are showing a Exception response string of 04 SLAVE FAIL.

    Everything in the ladder looks ok to me. I have the auto write on, jog is disabled, and I'm not transferring any run or stop mode parameters.
    On the read side, I have auto read enabled and the manual read ever 2 seconds.

    Any ideas?

    P3k software is 3.2.4 and the firmware on the on the cpu is up to date.

    I haven't the checked the firmware on the EDRV100. Could that be a problem?

    The drives I'm having issues with are both 1.05 firmware. I had an older one installed with 1.02, I was hoping that swapping that would help, but it didn't. I swapped EDRV100's with little success, but they were used from another project, but I believe they are ok.

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    I will try to give you my opinion, given that nobody answered so far.
    1. is your modus on rs485?
    1.1. if it is, please check your termination resistor.
    1.2. if one device is not compatible at hardware level, it will drive the rs485 out of normal operation levels. as an electronist, I have a band-aid solution and a surgical one:
    1.2.1. surgical removal one device at a time until the rest of them communicate properly. this will detect the failed device, which I would replace
    1.2.2. this failed device has an input resistance which is too low and draws too much power from the ab lines. try insert a series resistor and see if the entire rs485 improves.
    1.3. on programming side you need to build some testing snippets to actually check each device on the network:
    1.3.1. first, make sure your program sends only once. having a send executed each time the program scans is not good programming practice.
    1.3.2. second, use the c control bits to check sending and success. if sending takes too long but gets through, then is a rs485 hardware issue. if sending fails, it could be a device configuration issue (address or serial)
    1.3.3. repeat the process for receiving. then implement it for each device in the network.
    2. if you have the modus over ethernet, then the hardware must be fine. redo the software check starting at 1.3.
    Is normal to try to get quick help from a fellow that encountered and solved pretty much the same issue. however, if that doesn't happen, I hope you'll fond my input supportive.


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      I finally it working this morning. I had previously used a short cable to connect the drive to the EDRV100. In order to clean up the cabinet a little, I bought a 2meter cable so I could mount the edrv on the DIN rail next to the ethernet switch.

      This morning I swapped back to the shorter cable as well as updated the firmware on the edrv. I don't think it was the firmware as it was working last year before I changed the cable. I'm guessing I just had enough electrical noise with all the starters in the cabinets to effect it.