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Which PID Controller for SERVO control?

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  • Which PID Controller for SERVO control?

    Who can recommend a panel-mount PID controller for motion-control (as opposed to heat)?

    So not the type where tuning begins with P at or near 100% of "band" and then is reduced. Not the sort where output is 100% when proportional "band" is set at zero.

    But rather the type where tuning begins with P closer to zero "gain" and then is increased. The sort where P output is always a proportion of the error as amplified by user-selected "gain", where P's effect on the output is zero when the "gain" setting for P is zero. On this type the range of P generally runs from 0.00 to 1.00 (the amplification factor), but may also be expressed in percent.

    And likewise the tuning factors for I and D both being "gain" and not "time". Where in changing either I or D you start at zero and go slowly up. Not where zero turns them off, but you need a high value to have small effect. But rather where settings close to zero gets you the smaller effect.

    Such controllers exist, I know, since I have used them for both displacement and load control, but generally not for temperature. I had used that type with great satisfaction for many a year in fatigue and durability testing where LVDTs and load cells served as feedback. Presently my need is for opening a valve, with output of 4-20mA and feedback from either a pressure sensor (VDC) or a Coriolis meter (4-20mA).

    I have had very poor luck trying to persuade Watlow EasyPM heater-and-process controllers into such service. So I'm wanting a small panel-mount controller that works more in the fashion of larger types by Moog, Schenck and the like ... but in a price range smaller than umpteen kilobucks. Who here might have personal experience (as opposed to theoretical opinion) along these lines?
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    on the cheap, from AD i can recommend the p1000 series and any cmore micro. beyond that, dunno


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      Well, if one were going to use a PLC (though the OP is looking for a panel mount standalone controller) I'd be inclined to recommend a BRX as it has analog I/O built in.