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Delta Servo Parameter problem

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  • Delta Servo Parameter problem

    hello every one,
    I have a cnc machine with a Y axis controlled by a 0.4KW ASDA servo motor. The motor shaft is connected to the ball screw via belt. Now i am trying to make the movement smooth but its not really working out for me. There is alot of jerking and very little stiffness, i then increased the position loop gain that just fueled the jerk, then i increased the load inertia ratio (P1-37 i think) that did not help either later the motor would give me alarm 09 and alarm 06 also the motor would be significantly hot. Then randomly i played with parameter Speed Loop Gain, that instantly increased stiffness of the motor, i then decreased the Position Loop Gain and load inertia which where heating the motor up. But there was still jerking i then reduced the Switching Rate of Speed Loop Gain and Speed Integral Compensation (not really knowing what these do just treated them like PID). that fixed the problem entirely. My problem is i want to know why this helped and what is the function of each of these parameters? working randomly playing around is not professional and waste of time. Any help would be highly appreciated thank you in advance

    i need to understand parameter p2-0 to p2-7

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    You could perhaps try the Delta people. They make the drive.