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Durapulse drive 75hp 3ph contactor noise

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  • Durapulse drive 75hp 3ph contactor noise

    I have a durapulse G3 running a pump and have had few problems. This morning I energized it and it made a loud rattle like the contactor was opening and closing. I switched out the board from another drive and the same thing happens. If I disconnect the cooling fans the rattle stops. There is a Black relay at the top right of the main board that also switches on and off.

    Any ideas? Thanks

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    Really dumb question, but have you checked to see if there is something in the fan?


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      I guess the cooling fans are fed straight from 24vdc that triggers the contactor coil. One of the fans is failing and shorts the 24vdc supply once per revolution. That in effect deenergizes the contactor coil briefly, hence the rattle noise.
      i never had this issue, just a wild guess. Nor do I know this particular contactor. I have seen 24vdc relay energized via 24ac. It rattles like crazy before expiring. My guess is that you’re experiencing something similar.