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Replace SVM-220/230 with SVM 220, straight swap or need to reteach points and home?

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  • Replace SVM-220/230 with SVM 220, straight swap or need to reteach points and home?

    I am getting a "ALE11: Encoder Position Dectector Error" alarm on my SVA-2300 controller. The two corrective actions are check wire connection or repair/replace servo. We have already checked the wire connections and tried replacing the cable. We have a spare servo on the shelf (SVM-220). My question is can I simply swap out the current "bad" servo with the shelf one and it work right away or will we need to re-home and set the positions for the new servo since its not in the same position as the current. Also the "bad" servo does not have the faceplate on it anymore so I do not know if it is a SVM-220 or SVM-230 servo, will it make a difference if its the 230 model and we use the 220 model? I know torque ratings are different between the 220 and 230 but we are nowhere close to maxing it out if it's the 220 model.
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    I suppose it would depend on how you are homing, if you are using the index pulse in the encoder then you may have to "re-home", or possibly not, I don't know what manufacturing tolerances are or the servo not the requirements of your system.
    The SVM-230 is nearly 2 inches (48mm) longer than a SVM-220 so it shouldn't be too hard to tell if you spare is the same as the installed motor. If installed one is a 230 and you replace it with a 220 it would probably be best to set the drives current limit accordingly, but if you are sure you wont be exceeding the allowable torque I imagine you could get away with leaving the settings alone, probably, maybe....