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Drive Accessories selection - which ones to use

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  • Drive Accessories selection - which ones to use

    I am installing (8) GS2 drives in an large enclosure for running a series of conveyors. They range from .25 hp to 1 hp. They are feeding and taking poultry product away from an X-Ray inspection machine in a wash-down environment. Should I be using line reactors, a filters, and/or the fuse kits in this installation?

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    I cant find any specific listing of inrush current on the drives, but I would imagine there would be some. The line reactors would help with that. 8 powering up at once would be a big draw for a short period. I would also at the very least use supplemental breakers in front, though drive rated fuses would be better. And EMI filters would help interference on the line to other devices. I have found it is fine without EMI filters with just one or two drives, but I have never used 8 on one machine before so IDK how bad it would get with that many.


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      If the leads to the motors from the GS2's are very long, a load reactor is always good.
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        Donít bundle the load wires of the drives together. Keep them separate or use drive cable.


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          Thanks for the advise, I appreciate the responses.


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            Input current protection (fuses, breakers, or MCP's) always
            Input Line Reactors (always a good idea)
            Output Load Reactors - if the leads to the motor are > 100'. I'd suggest them anyway, knowing it's a washdown application. It'll slow the current rise and hopefully reduce the ground fault trips due to humidity/moisture.
            Filters - Up to you and the owners, and whatever other equipment is in the area. If the X-Ray machine is acting stupid with the drives on but not when powered down, then you should have used filters.