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  • GS2 remote Hz display

    I would like to have a remote display for hertz in another location from a GS2 drive. I would have the potentiometer next to display. My first question what is a good route to go , like the AD pn# DPM1-A-H? The second question is would I be able to display feet per minute for a conveyor instead of hertz? Thanks in advance!!!

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    You should be able to poll the modbus address for the speed and then use that memory to display it wherever you want. Use a PLC to manipulate the data to calculate feet per minute based on the other factors of your machine.
    If you look in the manual, probably an Appendix somewhere, it should list all modbuss addresses for the different parameters.

    Also depending on how far away you want the display and the potentiometer it may be more stable to convert the potentiometer signal into 4-20ma signal and use that as an analog input into the GS2.
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      It looks like the meter would work on the 0-10vdc setting off of a GS2 drive analog output set to frequency.
      P4.11 = 00 Frequency HZ

      To scale to FPM from HZ, it may be possible to set the GS2 analog output gain to scale HZ to FPM.
      There would have to be a linear relationship between the two.
      P4.12 = 0-200%


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        The specs for the meter say:
        "The 4-digit red LED display is easily scaled into any
        engineering units from -1999 to 9999 with a selectable
        decimal point location. Two point direct or reverse acting
        linear scaling values can be entered manually or by introducing
        actual sensed process values in Teach mode.
        Which suggests you will be able to display feet per minute if you want.