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Ac Drive speed control with PLC and Linear Transducer

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  • Ac Drive speed control with PLC and Linear Transducer

    Iím trying to keep the AC drive speed at 50% of a Linear Transducer using a Click PLC analog 0-10 output to the 0-10 v dc analog input on of the drive. The linear transducer is also 0-10 v dc.
    How would you right a program in Click PLC. The object is to match the line speed that can change so the motor speed can be faster or slower at 50% of the transducer.

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    To follow a 0-10v signal and use the feedback to stay in the middle range of the signal:
    Input the 0-10v input signal to a click tag.
    Multiply this tag with a scaling tag. Less than one would be slower, more than one would be faster.
    Output this new tag to the analog output to the drive.
    The min/max speeds in the drive will play a part as well.

    If this signal was a potentiometer on a dancer bar, adjusting the scale tag would position the dancer up or down.


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      Than my you for your help.


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        While it is not too clear on what the actual system configuration is, I'd imagine there is a some chance of instability and/or poor response with a simple proportional control. While one can certainly write one's own PID for a CLICK(it is not built in) I'd be inclined to recommend a Do-More BRX, not only does it have PID its ADC is considerably faster


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          The Accel/Decel of the drive makes a great Integrator The Proportional is done in as above. Who uses 'D' 99% of the time anyway?