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GS4 GSLogic PLC Buffer 1-20

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  • GS4 GSLogic PLC Buffer 1-20

    I'm trying to pass numbers from the Keyboard on the GS4 to the Internal PLC of the Drive.. Documents refer to The GS4 PLC Buffer 1-20 that show up at 8.20 through 8.39 on the Keyboard.. But how do I read or set them in the PLC.. I see no Reference to Buffer 1 through Buffer 20 in the PLC Documents.. Just in the MOD Bus stuff..

    Anyone have a Clue?..



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    K.. Did some more digging with a Clearer Mind..

    Parameter 8.20 through 8.39, are addressed in the PLC using the Read Device Parameter instruction (RDP) in the OnBoard PLC.. the Parameters are retrieved into the PLC, One Location at a Time, using the Individual ModBus Address.. and then stored into the Memory of your choice..

    Par 8.20 is AKA as h814, or Dec of 42069.. the book says you can address it using either Number Base.. I've only been able use H..

    For my Application, I have a PD Pump that is 'Sucking' individual Grapes and Juice from Four different 'Splash trays' around the hand Grape Processing Line ( Its harvest time Presently, and I work in a Winery ).. In the Past a Human would switch 'In' one of Four Hoses that were Valved to the Suction of a PD Pump.. when that tray was empty, he would close that valve and switch in the next.. Ditto untill all four Trays are empty, then start over.. You can not leave more than one Valve open at a time, as the one with 'Nothing' in it will kill the suction for the rest of them..

    The Trays 'Randomly' fill with Oversplash from the Hand Processing line above.. I put a GS4 Drive on this set up last year, as I new I'd be needing some minor automation, but did not want to instal a PLC in a Box, and not have it do anything..

    I have Sourced some 'Air Actuated Valves' from a Project we modified.. and figured I'd need them here.. So I have them..

    I put a 6 output relay card on the GS4, and wrote up a quick program .. and had them feed some Sol valves.. all good.. but now 'They' want to change the Timing on the Valves.. I was set up on a fixed 30 seconds per valve open time, and then just recycle through all of them.. The thought of bringing out my Lap Top just to change a Valve Timing did not appeal to me.. ( It gets sticky out there! )

    With the ability of now changing the Valve Open timing, Using the VFD Keyboard by changing Parameters 8.21, through 8.24, wil now represent the Open Seconds for valve 1 through 4..


    EDIT:.. Memory Adress Comments
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      Originally posted by Cap View Post
      K.. Did some more digging with a Clearer Mind..

      Its harvest time Presently, and I work in a Winery

      Hmm. says a lot!
      Really, keep going. I am learning vicariously through your efforts!