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GS4 Phase Drop out

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  • GS4 Phase Drop out

    I'm getting back into controls after some time out of the game. I'm happy to see AD has larger single-phase VFDs! I was looking through the manual and it looks like P6.45 is the setting that will allow the unit to continue to operate even if it drops a phase... Am I correct in this assumption? I'm guessing also that I need to size the VFD to handle the load as a single-phase unit.

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    P6.45 refers to OUTPUT phase loss. I'm not sure what that even means, or what could cause it that wasn't a fatal fault, blown IGBT or open wire? kind of bad situations. A three phase motor that is already spinning can continue to operate on two phases at reduced power, but it can't start from standstill, so I'm not sure how useful "no warning" would be, seems to me that is something one really want's to know about