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SureServo encoder cable

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  • SureServo encoder cable

    I have an application where i want to upgrade a motor to a SureServo system. The servo motor should be within 60' of the drive but i will need to utilize conduit that is embedded in cement. The power leads do not look like there a problem as they are flying leads on the drive end and should pull through just fine. The encoder cable on the other hand looks like they all have connectors on both ends. Is it possible to cut the encoder cable and install a terminal strip on the drive end to splice it back together? it would be nice if automation direct sold a MS 17 pin cable and a 3M 10120 cable with flying leads to make this easier

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    I have done this successfully with a different servo brand using standard terminal blocks. I located the blocks next to the drive and minimized the unshielded length at the blocks and I didn't have a problem.


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      It should work fine. Just keep the unshielded lengths as short as possible.