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How to connect Line Driver wiring from Productivity HSO to Servo drive

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  • How to connect Line Driver wiring from Productivity HSO to Servo drive

    Since neither the SureServo appendix or productivity HSO documentation is correct on how to wire this, I thought it might be a good idea for a thread on how to wire this successfully for anyone else searching for help on the matter.
    The SureServo documentation in appendix B only gives 1 example of a line driver connection, with an encoder directly attached to the servo drive. In this it says you need to connect the com- from the encoder to the drive. This may be correct for an encoder, but not for an HSO connection to the drive.
    In the P2 and P3 HSO documentation for line driver connection, it shows the com on the HSO needing to be tied to the drive side as well. This is also incorrect and I could not get the servo drive to respond when I did this.

    The only way I was able to get the servo to actually respond to pulse commands and move when connected as line driver was to not connect any "com" locations on the HSO to anything, and the "com-" on the drive does not connect to any 5 volt power signal. The drive side com- only connects to your standard -24v DC that allows you to use the DI# and DO# on the drive, no connection to the HSO should be done for commons. When using this connection you also do NOT wire "Pull Hi" to anything.
    For line driver signal wiring:
    Connect the "1A" to pulse
    Connect "not 1A" to /pulse
    Connect "1B" to sign
    Connect "not 1B" to /sign

    That's it. No common wire connections between HSO and drive at all. This line driver connection will let you run higher frequency pulse signals and maintain higher signal integrity than open-collector will. LD on the servo drives allows up to 500kHz, OC only goes up to 200kHz. This 200kHz limit can be a problem when using higher ratio gearboxes and PT mode.
    For example my current machine I am building uses a 30:1 gearbox with 1kw medium velocity motor. Maximum machine speed is 65RPM, but I always build calculate an extra 5RPM or so over to be safe. So, at 10,000 pulses per revolution on these old servos, with 30:1 gearbox, each revolution takes 300,000 pulses. At 70 RPM, that is 21 million pulses per minute, which is 350,000 pulses per second. Also known at 350kHz (since a hertz is cycles per second). So in this setup, open-collector wiring will not work for me. Need to use Line Driver.

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