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3 phase woodworking machines

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  • 3 phase woodworking machines

    I'm setting up a woodworking shop in a garage and wanting to use machines which need 3 phase 230v input, I have only the usual residential service in my home. What are the possible solutions to power these machines. Thank you in advance for your help

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    These guys are pretty good. We use one in our shop works great.


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      depends on the hp ratings of the motors, but there are vfd"s that can get you up to 3hp from a single phase line (reasonably inexpensive)
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        I'd go the VFD route as well if you can. Rotary phase converters are nice but I think they are going to be more expensive. I haven't ever priced one though.


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          VFD is the way to go just be sure to size drive current rating correctly, when using single phase to feed three phase VFD drive current will be like 1.732 times higher demand on VFD


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            I would use a drive myself. I am not sure what kind of HP you need but here is a link. On the side select at least 1 drive up from the hp you need with a 1 phase input.



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              I'm running a 3 Hp 220 3P Motor on my lathe, and a 2 Hp 220 3P Motor on my Mill, all in my 'Garage'.. It's fed with a 110/220 Single phase Service from the House.. I'm Running a 'Switching Capacitor Bank' that I made myself.. These Machines have been running on Single Phase from about 1982, and have moved to a few different 'Garages'. They are not 'Toys', as I will do some production work for so 'Rabbit' I need to yank really quickly for work..

              The Cap Bank ( In my Opinion ) has the best Starting Torque.. and no Motor noise..

              I have a Few VFD's that I've been threatening to put on the Mill, as I need to run the Lathe Motor as a 'Pony' motor to clean up the Power for the Mill.. But it's now just my Routine of running the Lathe Motor before I fire up the Mill. And I'd jave to Mount the VFD so the Metal Chips would not get inside, and the Cap Bank Box is Closed.. I'm Lazy..