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  • Reading Encoder Speed

    Hi experts,

    I have a new task which involves something I've never tried before. Basically, I have to measure the speed of motor (a dc motor controlled by a potentiometer) and drive a stepper motor at a proportionate speed (not necessarily matching the pulse rate, but proportional).

    I have a doMore PLC and a few H2CTRIO2 modules. I plan on using an encoder to measure the speed, but I'm not sure if there is a convent method for capturing pulses/ second, let alone a method for adjusting the pulse rate of the stepper on the fly.


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    In the module config, click the little ruler icon and set up your scaling rate to convert the counter input into a velocity based on the data you give it.

    Once you have that velocity, you can change your stepper velocity a couple different ways. You can use specific instructions built into Do-More, or you can manually do a math instruction and multiply the base velocity by a tag variable that you can enter on an HMI or something, and then output a new velocity to a different memory location.


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      Oh, I see it. Thanks! That makes things easier.