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C# application do communicate with drive

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  • C# application do communicate with drive

    Has anyone written a c# application to communicate over RS232 with a drive? I can communicate successfully with the SureMotion Pro software but can't get other software (Putty, Teraterm or my C# program) to communicate with it. There is never any response on the bus.

    I've gone through the scl manual, so I am confident the COM port settings are correct (9600,8,None, 1, None).

    If it matters I am using STP-DRV-4850 with an STP-MTRL-14034 with the recommended serial to USB adapter
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    It's always good to try with a terminal program like you're doing before going down any other path. It's usually either a drive comm configuration issue or cable issue.

    Are you using the STP-232RJ11-CBL programming cable?


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      Thought I replied yesterday but it doesn't appear to have posted.

      I was able to connect over realterm. It looks like Teraterm and Putty send out each character as it arrives and this can cause issues with the communication. But I am using the cable you referenced, and knowing I can use realterm helps me know the setup itself is working. I will look to see if a similar issue is going on in visual studio


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        Just curious, are you developing a whole custom coded application that will run on a PC for industrial control? Or are you just trying to do something as more of a hobbyist in a non-professional manner? Im guessing that since you are trying to control a servo with a visual studio program you probably have no PLC involved in this system?


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          I am playing around with visual studio (got it working OK today) while I waited for a MAX3232 breakout board to arrive so I can develop it for an embedded environment. I'm developing with an STM32 Nucleo board (running FreeRTOS).

          Something is going on between the micro and the drive. As I said, I can communicate between visual studio and the drive, and when I connect my micro to the PC over the same DB9 cable and the MAX breakout board I can communicate, but when I try to go to the drive I get nothing coming back. I need to double check the cabling and settings.
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