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sureservo with third party drive

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  • sureservo with third party drive

    Has anybody on here used one of the Sureservo motors with a third party 460VAC drive. Automationdirect doesn't really give a rated voltage for the motor, just the voltage constant in V/rpm. Several other brands do the same thing and those motors will run on either 230 or 460. You just get more speed from the higher voltage. I want to use the sureservo with an "intelligent programmable" drive which automationdirect doesn't offer.

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    Depending on the info. AD provides, typically you'll need a list of motor parameters. I know Kollmorgen drives support numerous other motors and have used them in the past with AB, Bodine pm motors, etc.. I think the Parker drives will as well. Make sure the feedback type is supported.


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      I have used the AD sureservo motors with other third party drives before but the supply voltage to the drive has always been 230. AD doesn't provide any actual motor voltage, just the voltage constant. I called their tech support and they didn't know.


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        The OEM does not have any 400v models in the series that Automation Direct sells, and looking at the insulation specs of the motor, it is not rated like a 400v motor should be/is.
        The 220v series comes with a 1500vac insulation strength spec, the 400v motors from the oem for a different series that they sell all come with 2300vac insulation.


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          thanks MikeN