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PLC and stepper motors

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  • PLC and stepper motors

    Hello everyone, I am new to PLCs and i am trying to make a system with 13 stepper motors that i want to be controlled by a PLC. I don't know which PLC to choose and the HMI for this purpose. Goa word counterl is very simple, i will ente VidMate r some parameters with the HMI interface and the system will work on a predefined path. I just don't know which PLC can provide PWM as to the DMA860 stepper driver. And if possible can the same PLC provide 230 ac relay outputs too?.
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    It would be very difficult to answer this without knowing if (any of) the 13 steppers are all required to work together in a multi-axis motion.
    Surely, most any (non smart-relay) style PLC , in theory, *could* control 13 stepper drivers.
    (I think your term 'PWM' may not be correct for the DMA860 driver. They are Step/Dir or CW/CCW -- at least from what I saw on a 2 minute google))
    Whether said PLC could provide any trajectory planner/pulsetrain for emitting a CNC-type toolpath is another issue altogether.
    Any PLC can provide a switching signal for a relay that can switch 230VAC
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      I agree with kewaki, you'll need step/direction outputs. PWM will not work. Please provide more info. on what steppers will be working in a coordinated manner. 13 axes is a lot for a PLC without special motion control I/O. If you need to do complex tool paths or anything you're much better suited to using a dedicated motion controller over a PLC unless this is a hobby thing.