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H0-CTRIO2 Trapeziod Plus ACCEL and SPEED

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  • H0-CTRIO2 Trapeziod Plus ACCEL and SPEED


    I'm running a H0-CTRIO2 in pulse and direction mode, controlling a Sure Step driver while receiving input from a quadrature encoder. My application requires a quick acceleration to a steady velocity for variable distances with a similar deceleration rate to an accurate hold position. When I try using the Trapezoid Plus profile, or even the standard Trapezoid profile, my stepper moves painfully slow, no matter what my Min/Max frequencies or acceleration rates are.

    I have a 200 steps/rev motor being micro stepped at 2000/rev and the encoder is directly attached (1:1) and running 15,000 CPR.

    When I jog the system in velocity mode, I can effect changes in speed without problems.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!