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Servo Drive control via RS485

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  • Servo Drive control via RS485

    Hi all,

    I am working on a project involving control of servo motors. I am taking a value between 0-255 communicated via RS485. I would like each value to correspond to a unique position or a unique amount of rotation (either will work). Is there a servo drive system on the market that can do this stand alone or will i need to run to a plc first?

    Thanks for your help

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    treynolds, If you just have your value ("0-255"), then it sounds like you will need a PLC for the other signals (analog/digital) you will need to control/monitor the servo drive. And the PLC can connect to an HMI, limit switches, E-stops, etc. The Sure Servo has internal presets that can be changed with serial Modbus. This may work if your device is a serial Modbus master. But the PLC (DL260 for example) can act as a serial Modbus master or slave. Also, it sounds like you may need the PLC to scale your value ("0-255") to match the mechanics of the machine. Hope this helps.


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      treynolds, re-reading your post, I may have misunderstood the purpose of your value ("0-255"). You want a "0" to correspond to one position, a "1" to correspond to another position, a "2" to correspond to a third postion, etc. Is this correct? Then you would need the PLC to setup a look-up table so the PLC takes the value ("0-255"), looks up the corresponding position, and then uses this position as the preset. The PLC would still need to connect to the HMI, machine switches, and control the servo drive as I mentioned above.