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    I have my new HSO successfully driving a stepper. But accel and decel don't do anything. Since the "HSO opeartes asynchronously" per the specsheet, am i having problems with the code executing everytime thru theladder? Should i start the rung with a NC on a tag for Motion Complete? Ie if the motion isn't complete from the previous time thru the ladder, then skip this rung?

    Any more detailed code of actual stepper motor implementations graetly appreciated.

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    Describe more what you mean by, "But accel and decel don't do anything".

    What options do you have enabled in the H/W Configuration of the HSO? If you have limits enabled there then you'll not be able to override those from the move instructions. If you have jerk enabled in the instruction, then you might be "jerk limited" where you're never reaching the accel and decel rates.


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      Which instruction did you pick? I am guessing velocity.

      On Velocity moves, the accel will only come into play during the period when the instruction first turns on or when the velocity tag increases value. Decel will only take place when the rung Enable is turned off or when the velocity tag decreases value. The stepper will keep on moving as long as the instruction is enabled.

      What you are more likely wanting is a SMOV (Simple Move) where you give it a position (target) and it moves to it.
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        I was 1000 miles away from my hardware when I first posted, and couldn't fiddle..

        I am now back and have tried the hardware config screens as mentioned by OpZed. Have tried velocity and simple moves and don't see any change in performance when I fill in the accel and decel fields, or change the ramp in velocity. Have been able to move to a specific target distance (this is a stepper driving a lead screw), but movement seems to go from full on to full off, without the sort of ramp up/down in speed I thought accel and decel should give.


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          Newbie found his solution....."Starting Velocity" was set off the charts high in the HSO pages. Have nice accel and decel now.....