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LAN with Cmore without internet conection

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  • LAN with Cmore without internet conection

    I would like to connect a cmore EA9 on a wireless network without an internet connection. I tried using a netgrear wnr-1000 wireless router and it apparently wont recognize phsically connected devices without an internet connection. Can anybody recommend a router that will work for this purpose.
    Thank you,

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    Are you connecting to one of four lan ports or the wan port. Connecting to the Lan port should work.


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      I'm using a C-More Micro EA3 and P2000 on a D-Link 825 that has no internet connection. The D-Link 825 will recognize the P2000 but not the HMI (when looking at the devices connected page). However, the C-More micro software will still detect the HMI even though it doesn't show up in the router's webpage. Have you tried connecting to your HMI through the C-More software?