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Click's + DL06 for House automation

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  • Click's + DL06 for House automation


    I'm seriously considering using Click or more than 1 Click with DL06 for home automation purposes.
    My idea is to use Click for digital in/out (Alarm, Lights) connected to DL06 via modbus/RTU.
    DL06 ,since it already has analog inputs, will take care of heat pump and air ventilation together with CO2/humidity/pollen sensors on modbus/RTU (using another rs485 bus).

    This way, only programming interface to setup everything (except modbus communication on Click - 1 rung with END ) will be DirectLogic05 and this modularity will allow having 1 Click/floor with I/O modules required by that floor.

    Question is about topology.
    Is it possible to use 1 or more Click with modules as Modbus Slave's to DL06 and control outputs on Click,using Click inputs by DL06? (I apologize if question is too dumb, I haven't read all documentation yet)

    Is there any documentation showing possible scenarios?

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    The 06 controller can talk to multiple units just fine, including Click.

    Since you appear to be running all the lines to a main area, why not just use the 06 itself for everything? Running the serial cable, you may as well just run the digitals directly.
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      No, lines will be running to 1 area/floor. With 3 floors there will be 2x Click's and 1x DL06.

      DL06 does not have number of I/O required, since I'm going to use about half CPU I/O of DL06 for heat pump and ventilation. Reason for using Click for digital I/O is price. Also having Click on each floor simplifies cabling and allows for expansion.

      By connecting Click and DL06 using RS485 modbus (I plan to attach more devices such as 1-wire to modbus adapter, HMI, RFID) my only expandability option will be extending RS485 cable or getting DL06 communication module.
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        Using the RS485 and Modbus RTU you will have access to the CLICK from an 06

        In the CLICK "Address Picker" you will see the registers (DF1, DS1, etc.), turn on "Display Modbus address" and choose HEX. This will give the addresses need to enter on the 06 to pull the data from the CLICK.

        CO2, Pollen and Humidity... Interesting mix.
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