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Anyone know how to get P2k to set real time clock from network time server

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  • Anyone know how to get P2k to set real time clock from network time server

    I've scoured the AD forum and haven't found anything that I can use. I've searched the WWW and haven't really come up with anything there either. Sorry if this is rehashing something that's already been posted.

    I have a Productivity 2000 P2-550 controlling a heating system. I'm implementing basic time of day type functions like those offered by any programmable heating/cooling thermostat available at any home center. The trouble is that the real time clock in my P2-550 seems to drift quite a bit. I haven't pinned it down to an exact number of seconds per day but over a few weeks it has drifted a couple minutes. Over a year or more this could become a problem. I was hoping to have the P2-550 set its real time clock based on a network time server on my local network (my router implements one and my always on PC does as well). It looks like AD does not offer SNTP or NNTP support in the Productivity family at all. I'm looking for any way to get my P2-550 to query a time server and set its clock. Does anyone have a "software" (don't want to buy any more hardware) approach that might work? Modbus TCP? Ethernet/IP? Some piece of software running on a PC on the same local network as the P2-550? I really don't want to have to fire up Productivity Suite every so often just to fix the clock drift. The goal is a hands-off system that just runs.

    A sincere thank you to anyone who is willing to offer suggestions and a plea to AD to implement SNTP and/or NNTP in the Productivity line like I understand they have in the Do-More line.

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    Is there an HMI or SCADA system involved in your application?


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      Two solutions:

      ​​​1. Switch to a Do-More, which does have an NNTP client.

      2. Install a separate time clock connected to an input on the P2K. Then use that input to reset the PLC clock, or just use it as the basis for timers with which to do your TOD stuff.


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        1) If you know how many seconds per day and it is consistent, you can put in a coupe of lines of code to compare the hours, minutes, and seconds and at a certain time every day use the RTC instruction to set the second backwards or forwards.
        2) If there is something else on the network with the P2 that you can read the time from ( Modbus, Ethernet_IP) and use this time to update the clock cpu.