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P-2000 550 to SCADA system with Modbus

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  • P-2000 550 to SCADA system with Modbus

    I am trying to find out how to set the Modbus node address for the P-2k. I am using Ethernet and will have multiple P-2ks as slaves to the SCADA system. The help files dont reference this.

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    You set the IP address in the CPU setup of the Hardware Configuration. If you are talking about the Unit ID number embedded within the Modbus TCP header: the P2-550 does not require a specific value for this field. It will simply echo back the same value sent in the request (which is the proper behavior for a non-gateway Modbus TCP device).


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      Jackson, Thanks for the reply. You were right it works very well. Tested it this morning and the data is passing both ways like it should. I guess the IP address is what the Modbus uses. It works well from Mango using the "Modbus IP" drive as the data source. Again thanks for the help.