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Write PLC data to SQL database

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  • Write PLC data to SQL database

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before (I'm sure it has). I'm looking for the easiest (most painless way) to transfer PLC data to a SQL database triggered by user input. I'm willing to switch out the controller for anything that can do the job, as the program is very simple. Any suggestions or articles I should read?

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    I know that at least one Do-more user has done it through HTTP commands. I think it is pretty easy once you know how to do it, but Do-more does not do it as a built in instruction. He's around here from time to time. I'm sure he would be willing to give some guidance.


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      Do-more can do it via TCP. You will need a server to listen on a port, and then use the OPENTCP command and then STREAMOUT the data to the server.
      I think there may be more detailed info over at, but I can't remember for sure.

      Do you have an existing SQL database?
      Is there an existing server that can connect to the database that can also be reached from the PLC network?
      If so, what kind of server is it (Windows, Linux etc.)?
      Do you have any experience in writing a server side API?

      I will try to be a help if I can.
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        AGG Software is rather painless. Their software is around $200, and for $100 or so, they'll set up and test everything with the table scripts you supply.