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Sending ascii to RS232 with CLICK

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  • Chrisg56
    started a topic Sending ascii to RS232 with CLICK

    Sending ascii to RS232 with CLICK

    I have written a small datalogging program to read a timestamp, pressure and depth reading tghen used the SEND command to send the data as an ASCII string via RS232 to my PC that then does all the post processing on the data

    I use a single scan pulse every 200ms to activate the SEND command as a static message as follows


    My little TX light is flashing on port 2 as it should and the COM settings appear correct on COM1 (I compared PLC settings to device manager settings) but when I read the data coming in using my serial port data snooper (Eltima Serial Port Monitor) I just get a bunch of garbage... See below

    ''.... €.xxø€.x.€ø.€x..x.€.€€€€€ø€ø€€.xxø€.x.€ø.€x..x.€.€ €€€€ø€xø€.xxø€.x.€ø.€x..x.€.€€€€€ø€øø€.xxø€.x.€ø.€ x..x.€.€€€€€ø€x€.xxø€.x.€ø.€x..C....d..x.€.€€€€øø€ x€.xxø€.x.€ø.€x..x.€.€€€€øø€ø€€.xxø€.x.€ø.€x..C... .d..x.€.€€€€øø€xø€.xxø€.x.€ø.€x..x.€.€€€€øø€øø€.xx ø€.x.€ø.€x..x.€.€€€€øø€x€.xxø€.x.€ø.€x..x.€.€€€€.€ x€.xxø€.x.€ø.€x.''

    Help !!

  • bcarlton
    I would suggest baud rate mismatch. Verify other parameters (number of bits, parity, stop)

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