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    Would anyone have any idea why in click, it reports my notbook XP NIC card as a mini port? It comes up starting correct but it adds that it is a mini port and I can not connect. It shows the correct IP address, but why mini port. I do not have anywhere in my notebook control panel showing a mini port. I can ping the click plc, but i believe Click ethernet reporting is incorrect.

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    are you using a router or a switch? What happens if you change the ip address using the RS-232 Port?


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      Yes the RS232 is working fine. I can change the address all day long. As I said, I can ping the plc on My notebook is set on Both
      Click is saying I have a Intel Pro 1000 Network connection- xxx miniport- I think the miniport is incorrect and that is why it is not working. I can go to another notebook or desktop running win 7 and all is good. Click does not not report anything as miniport on the win7 computers. I might have to get with my IT department.


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        Google 'miniport'. It is just the class of driver interface to the network card.



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          I looked it up but did not really explain what is going on with the notebook. Just for the hell of it I selected option 2, outside the lan. filled in the plc address and it connected. Not sure why. I am plugging in from the notebook right into the plc. Not sure what is up with this notebook. I do not use this notebook for serious programming or out on the floor. I use it to experiment when I am at home or elsewhere.


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            If you are plugging from the notebook directly to the PLC, are you using a crossover cable?


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              You don't need a crossover cable, but using one will not hurt.

              I have noticed that the Click software will use all available Ethernet ports and will default to the wireless network on my PC. A couple of weeks ago, my partner was learning about the Click and had one on his desk. He had gotten online, found that the firmware needed to be updated to match the latest Click software, got that done, dumped a program in, and the PLC would not go into run mode. It was also reporting to be a different model number!

              He had me come and look and I was puzzled for a long time too. I was just about to call for help and post a forum question about what to do when a PLC gets updated with the wrong firmware and loses it's identity. About that time, the boss came by and asked "Are you sure you aren't talking to the click I have in my office?" Sure enough, he had one with the default IP address that we had been jacking with over the wireless network in the office. We went back offline and then reconnected explicitly through the LAN network and all was well with the world again.

              So make sure the connect dialog box has the right Ethernet adapter selected before trying to connect. I have not tried to find a way to force it only to one setting, but that might be handy.


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                Thanks for all the info. I am not connected to any network. There are no other plcs on the network. I did select the second item in the drop down. Wireless is first the second one is the NIC in the notebook. Just strange it is calling it a miniport. I did the latest firmware. I used a windows 7 laptop and windows desktop and it works as I would think it should. I was able to use the first option in both cases, same LAN. For some reason on the XP laptop has to be set on the second option, add the IP address cause the plc is on a different Lan. that is not true. I guess this will be a mystery. FYI Do-More, C-More, and DS seem to work as expected. Only the Click software is different. Really puzzled why it is saying both my wireless and NIC are a miniport driver. Write this up as a unsolved mystery.