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KEPDirect issue with Windows 10

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  • KEPDirect issue with Windows 10

    I have used KEPDirect OPC Server for awhile now to interface with DL205 racks, using an EBC100 to communicate with my LabVIEW programs via Datasocket. Since it seems that there are no plans for KEPDirect to be compatible with Windows 10, I have a problem. I didn't realize this on a couple of my machines last year and every time the IT department lets Windows 10 update, the licensing was wiped out and the product goes into temporary use for an hour. Obviously this is an issue if the machine is running. I notified my customer so I believe they told the IT department to leave those computers alone but of course it stills bother me. So now I'm looking for a different OPC server that will interface with my projects, most likely resulting in switching to new hardware. KEPWare wants over $1300 per machine for the exact same OPC server that is compatible with Win10, which is a little high. I guess my question is if anybody has encountered the same issue and has found a solution.

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    I inherited some systems in which the original integrator used this:

    They may not have drivers for all the things you need, but from what I was told, the price was good and the performance seems to be good too. I have no experience with Labview so I may be completely in left field.


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      Thanks, but I see they do not have an OPC Server compatible with DirectLogic yet. I will bookmark them though and keep checking.