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SiteLink Router and AT&T SIM Activation

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  • SiteLink Router and AT&T SIM Activation

    I have purchased the Router. I have selected the link from ADC web page, . I have purchased the a data plan. I have received the SIM Card.

    Now can anyone out there help me out in getting the SIM card activated / registered so that I can use the router?
    I have spent six hours on the internet and phone call to the various Customer Service Departments at AT&T and no one has even heard of M2M and the Internet of Things. The only consistent topic discussed with every CSR that I have spoken to is the question about for the phone number of the account. To which I reply I do not have one. There was not a phone number included, nor a PIN, with the SIM Card that I received. My question to the forums--should there be? Every other device that I have that is connected by a cellular connection has a phone number and PIN. I have only the numbers on the SIM card and no one at AT&T can do anything with them. The SIM card was sent from Cisco Jasper. No Tech support from them. No help available from ADC Tech Support because they are all snowed in.

    Has any one else had similar issues with this device?

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    Looks like you need to go here:


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      Here are the steps that I used:
      1. Purchased the SIM card at the link provided in the manual ( and chose the "IXON - SiteLink VPN Router 4G" option as the device.
      2. Logged in to the link in the reply above to activate it.
      3. In the configuration for the router on the website, I entered for the APN and left the PIN blank.

      This worked/works for me.


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        Thanks for the responses. I finally found someone to investigate my questions at ATT. This morning I received an email indicating that they had made a grievous error and failed to activate the SIM. SO when I went to the link there were no SIMs to activate related to my account, nor could I register the SIM card that I held in my hand. I have not activated the SIM yet due to questions regarding the "Starter Kit" SIM that I received. See the attached document. IoT_Starter_Kit_Quick_Start_Guide_Public Facing_300MB_July2016.docx
        Questions for Jackson. How long have you been using this device and have you connected remotely into your device? The document that I received with my SIM indicates that this will not be allowed. The SIM will also be de-activated in six months. Did you give your device a unique APN or simply leave it at It seems to me that one would not be able to connect to your device unless it had a unique name, similar to DNS, since Cisco/Jasper/AT&T use dynamic IP to these devices. My device will also be given the name

        The answer to the original question in contained in the attachment. The IoTs SIMS are activated when sent to the customer and do not require a PIN similar to those use in a cell phone. They are simply supposed to work. Mine did not. My hope is that this information will help others that experience these issues in the future.