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Communication - Productivity 2000 to foreign purchased machine via ethernet

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  • Communication - Productivity 2000 to foreign purchased machine via ethernet

    Hi guys,

    I have a Productivity 2000 PLC and I am trying to communicate with a foreign purchased machine over Ethernet.
    This is my first time using a Productivity series PLC and my first time trying to setup communication to something outside of the AutomationDirect world and thought I would run my thoughts by you guys to see if I am on the right track.

    I have attached a cut down (due to upload size limit) version of the foreign machines documentation (everything to do with remote communication).

    According to the foreign machines documentation:
    - I need to put it in remote control mode (via their HMI)
    - I need to configure the IP address and subnet mask to match my PLCs settings.
    - There are 18 (0 -> 17) words to read for status (I would like to read all of these every ~2 seconds) and 7 (0 -> 6) words to write for control.

    In my PLC I believe I need to:
    - Setup the Ethernet port via Hardware Configuration
    - Create a connection to the foreign machine by going CPU -> Choose CPU -> Add Connection -> enter IP address of foreign machine (leave port 9999?)
    - Create a 1D Boolean Array tag for each word that I am trying to read/write to?
    - Create RX and WX ladder logic
    -- TCP port number?
    -- Tagname mapping
    ----Array tag of this project
    ----Array tag of remote project (grayed out and thus I cannot add this instruction...)

    Do I need to do anything with the Ethernet/IP adapter or scanner?

    Hopefully you can see where I am at with what I have posted, would appreciate any guidance.

    P.S. The foreign machine will only be powered up for the first time in about a weeks time so can't test anything at this stage.
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    It's not going to work that way.
    #1> Going to CPU>Choose CPU>Add Connection is configuring a link from the Productivity Suite Software to the P2000. This is not how you connect the PLC to other devices.
    #2> The TX and RX instructions are for communications between Productivity PLCs ONLY. The MRX and MWX are used for communications to Modbus devices.
    #3> I don't see any explanation in your PDF nor through Google searches of that device where it explains exactly which ethernet protocol this device does. You will need to contact the manufacturer of that device to see what protocol it does. The P2000 will do Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP. It 'can' do some custom protocol over ethernet (CPoE) but this is an advanced feature that typically requires someone with protocol programming experience/understanding.


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      Thanks Jackson, you have definitely saved me some time in going down a few rabbit holes!

      Yes, I did think that their documentation was very limited, I will contact the OEM for further direction.

      I just had a look at what PLC is in the foreign purchased machine, it is a B&R X20XC0292 which supports Modbus and EtherNet/IP (among others), based on their limited documentation and my limited research on the different communication protocols, I'm thinking it will be EtherNet/IP using Implicit ('Connected') messaging (Class 1). I will continue researching until I have more information from the OEM.


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        Depending on which one you are doing, you would need one of these and a lot more information on the device you want to communicate with.
        X20IF10D1-1 X20 interface module for DTM configuration, 1 EtherNet/IP scanner interface, electrically isolated
        X20IF10D3-1 X20 interface module for DTM configuration, 1 EtherNet/IP slave interface, electrically isolated