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ECOM100 Send E-Mail stopped working

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  • ECOM100 Send E-Mail stopped working

    I'm getting ECOMStatus of 217 and ECOMWork of 0 for all the email messages I try to send using the Send E-Mail IBox (IB-711). I can't find a place where this is defined.
    The Buffer setup in the Config IBox has the new message in it each time a different email request is triggered in the ladder logic.
    I replaced the DSL Modem / Router at about the time the Emails stopped working.
    I use the new router and switch to connect my PC to the PLC for development and that works without a hitch.
    I'm almost certain the problem is getting to the internet.
    I tried going to the ECOM100's home page via and got nowhere. The e.g. in the manual is probably just that. How to I find out what the real IP address is?
    It's possible the password for the SMTP is causing problems. I changed some POP3 passwords but did nothing to the SMTP password. But maybe it needs to be refreshed?
    The ladder runs on a DL260 CPU.
    I've run out of places to look. Thanks for your help.

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    If you changed the router, did the router's local IP address change? Older routers tended to use for the local IP while newer routers tend toward for the local IP.

    If it did, then you will need to change the gateway address in the ECOM100 as well.

    Netedit will find the ECOM100 IP address if you are local to the ECOM100.
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      Yes it did. From to
      Thanks for the pointer to NetEdit. I'll try it tomorrow AM. (Got a meeting now).

      NetEdit showed that the H2-ECOM100 had already been assigned a new IP address - So I was getting to the internet.
      The test message sent via Test EMail... did not go through. The problem had to be with the SMTP server hookup.
      In Email Config... I noticed the password didn't have as many asterisks as the one I use in Outlook. They definitely were different.
      I plugged in the new password and the test message was successfully delivered. The messages from the ladder logic also now work.

      I understand that security is an area where you don't want to give a potential invader too much information when things fail.
      However, having some documentation somewhere about the 217 error code would be helpful - unfortunately also helpful for the bad guys.
      Thanks again for the pointer to NetEdit 3. It was essential for tracking down the source of the problem.
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