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Wireless remote pressure sensor for VFD?

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  • Wireless remote pressure sensor for VFD?

    I have a pivot irrigation application. Want to install a VFD at well house, but feedback into VFD would be from a pressure sensor installed out near the end of the pivot. The distance, if wired, would be 2,500 to 3,000 ft., so I'd rather go wireless. The far end of the pivot has an altitude change as it rotates and relatively constant pressure at that end would increase uniformity of water dispensed as well as save pumping costs when all that hp is not needed. Any ideas regarding a wireless pressure sensor? I'm an electrical engineer, so not afraid to pair a sensor with a radio link, etc. Need receiving end of link to be compatible with standard VFD input (if there is such a thing...?...)... Maybe a PLC to condition the received signal...?... Thank you!

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    I thought the Pivot manufactures had that done already. Have you talked to them?


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      We monitor the pressure between the well and the pivot trying to keep the transducer about 10’’ ft from fittings. Swing arms on corner pivots and end guns are what cause the major HP change. IIRC one we did last year went from the low 60s to about 102. Elevation was negligible.
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        Mouser has this..

        I've used about 10 of these over the last 10 years.. One way Communication of 4-20 Ma and two Digital Relay Switch Closures.. Loss of radio Output as well..

        If you look at the Picture, the 'Beer Can with the Antenna' is the Transmitter.. Supply it with 24VDC, 4-20 Ma Sig and Switch Closures of your choice.. the Green Unit with the Remote Antenna, is the Receiving End DIN Mounted output Module.. It will Output a 4-20 MA sig from the Transmitter, and has three relay outputs that will reflect the switch closure from the Transmitter as well as the Status of the Received radio Comm.

        $1600 and it's a Frequency Hopper..



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          I know you want to go wireless for data transmission, but how are you planning to power the transmitter? You could use something like this to charge a small battery to power the transmitter:


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            If you're using wireless (and really if you were doing wired), you should make sure there's an acceptable failure mode if the signal is momentarily interrupted. You can probably set up the VFD to stay at the last speed, or insert a PLC to relay the analog signal to the VFD after doing some logic, like you might decide to maintain a constant signal to the VFD on loss of signal from the transmitter, then after a loss of a minute or something, fault the system and shut down the pump. Anyway, you get the idea, make sure the system responds gracefully if anything goes sideways.