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Ethernet IP communication between Productivity 2000 PLC's

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  • Ethernet IP communication between Productivity 2000 PLC's

    I have an application where I have several productivity 2000 PLC's communicating to each other. I have one main PLC and four equipment PLC's. The equipment PLC's establish an ethernet IP link to the main. All works well and data transfers unless I unplug the ethernet cable. Once I do this and comms fail, even if I plug the patch cord back in the communication does not re-establish. The only way I have been successful in re-establishing communications is to do a stop program download to the main PLC. Any thoughts or tips?

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    This is due to the adapter is holding the connection open since currently there is not timeout on the adapter side to detect a lose of communication. So when you try to reconnect with the scanner the session is still consumed by the scanner. Since you can have only one scanner communicating to an adapter connection point causes this issue.

    I talked with our developers and we will look into an improvement to allow user to reset the adapter connection or some kind out adapter time out setting.


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      I would suggest using ProNet if communicating between Productivity CPU's. See help topic P281 for details. You can also use RX or WX instructions.


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        I also had this same issue. I resolved it by switching to ProNET, but this only works when communicating between Productivity PLC's exclusively.

        This needs to be addressed ASAP. Comm failure can be detected via heartbeat, so having a writable system bit that allows communication reset would be a huge asset.