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Ethernet communication with VFD

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  • Ethernet communication with VFD

    I'm attempting to demonstrate to a customer that our new Toshiba AS3 VFD, which supports Modbus TCP & Ethernet/IP, can be controlled by an Automation Direct PLC as well as an Allen Bradley PLC. After using the VFD's keypad to assign a fixed IP address, I've been able to access the VFD's web server with my laptop - observing the output frequency and other data as well as the VFD's parameters. But the laptop can't 'see' the VFD with NetEdit3, presumably because it's not an Hx-ECOM100 adapter. Would I need to use a Productivity PLC with Ethernet/IP support - using Explicit Messages for Run/Stop, Frequency, Current etc.

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    No, you can't set the drive up for Modbus or EIP using NetEdit, you have to use the drive commissioning process (PC or keypad). Once the drive knows it will receive run and speed commands, fault reset, and so on, via Ethernet, then you can talk to it from a PLC. I'd have a look at Do-More. That could act as a Modbus/TCP client, and can also do explicit E/IP messaging. It will be slightly less overt than EIP implicit, which auto-defines the member variables by name, so if you named your drive object ToshibaVFD, you might be able to write speed commands to ToshibaVFD.SpeedSP or something. Here, you'd have read the docs and find out to write to Modbus address 40002 to set speed, or the third E/IP integer register, or whatever, but it's very doable. We've been doing it this way for decades and it works just fine.


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      Thanks ControlsGuy! I'm working with the DoMore software to set up the VFD as a server and format the E/IP messages.