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PLC to EasyHeat via RS485

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  • PLC to EasyHeat via RS485

    We're having an oddly specific issue that I was wondering if you guys could help with. We've got the PLC connected to an ambrell heater via RS485. We have comm capabilities to this heater;
    we're able to set the time and the amperage of the heater from the HMI utilizing a buncha hex and what not.
    We've run into an odd problem where after a random amount of time (and sometimes it doesn't even happen) the heater stops accepting reads. We're thinking it's either lose wiring or an issue with the PLC comm port/card. Is there a way of resetting this port/card from the PLC? A simple on off to the power of the heater doesn't always work, for the most part it does, however that's unsatisfactory for production.

    If you think it's something other than the comm card/port I'd love to hear your input too.
    We've made sure that no reads/writes are interfering with the aforementioned write. Thanks in advance!