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Direct Logic 06 to Sure Servo via Port 2

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  • Direct Logic 06 to Sure Servo via Port 2

    I have a system consisting of two sure servo drives connected as slaves to a direct logic 06 plc unit over a 422/485 4 wire connection It has been running fine for (I am told years) and now it stopped working.(No responsiveness at all) The cable has been re-wired (15 pin d2-dscbl to 6 pin svc-mdcom-cbl), the original plc ladder logic re-written to the plc (using directsoft6), and servo drives tested for functionality (they operate normally, while using interface and jogging functions). Now some functions work, (all controlled through port one on the plc) however others do not. The sure servo connected to the plc rapidly flashes alert 19 (communication error) when powered on. (if i switch connections around the other servo drive will do the same) I am thinking that the cause of my problem lies either within port 2 of the plc, or the cable itself.

    Is there an easy way to test the port or cable? Would there be any other reason that alert 19 would flash on and off rapidly?

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    The cable you are using is not correct. The D2-DSCBL is an RS232 cable meant to connect to a single unit over the 232 pins of port 2:
    You said you re-wired it, so maybe it is correct now, but you would have had to re-solder the 15-pin DSub connector end for it to be right and I doubt you did that on a molded connector like the cable comes with.

    You want this cable:

    As the pinout listed in the specifications page shows the wires connect to the proper RS485 pins on the DL06 port 2:
    While the 6P6C RJ12 end of that cable is pre-wired for a 2-wire RS485 which is what you want for the SureServo drives
    page 8:
    So you would cut off the RJ12 end and splice it into the SureServo pigtail end like you already did with the other cable.

    You can either re-wire the cable I linked above to your pigtail cables in a custom way, or you could use the cable without cutting it up and then get two of these cables:

    And just plug all the cables into one of these:

    Specs pages show that all those cables connect to the proper pins for easy connection in that ZipLink module:

    DL06 Port 2:
    DL06 pins 9+13 are +
    DL06 pins 6+10 are -
    DL06 pin 7 is GND/0v

    Servo port CN3:
    Servo pins 3+5 are +
    Servo pins 4+6 are -
    Servo pin 1 is GND/0v

    RJ12 connectors from each communication cable:
    RJ12 pin 2 is GND
    RJ12 pin 3 is -
    RJ12 pin 4 is +
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